63. HONDURAS – on our way to Trujillo

One of our favourite camps…

I would skip this part how we got to Trujillo but during that 360 km (that took us 2 days) we had one of our best boon docking/bush camping place. Between Yoro and Olanchito there’s a quite a dirt road but through a pine forest and I love pine forests. It smells good, it is familiar, it indicates coolness and rain, it’s evergreen. I love it. And it was very wet and rainy. The rain was on and off constantly. We were driving quite slowly by this point and realised we will never make it to Trujillo (not even half way) so by 4PM we were keeping an eye out for possible campsites. This area was clearly a logging forest and there were a lot of mud roads off this main “highway” though most of them fenced and gated off. But eventually found one that looked perfect for us.

In just 5 meters or so, it lead us to a clear area with 3, even muddier, roads to all sorts of directions. After exploring all and serious consideration we decided on one. It was the steepest, muddiest, with ruts that swallows Burt’s wheels but we made it up. to the area we picked.

It was wonderful. Lovely view. Right in the middle of the pines and seemingly no one’s around for miles and miles.

I was nervous, and the first time, I think John was too. Once we were up it was only down in the morning but, man I was praying for a dry night.

But it wasn’t./ Every time it started raining, it poured and it kept me awake thinking “we’re never gonna make it down.

It was only 533 meters to the dry area but it was probably the most challenging one. (I didn’t even have the nerve filming it or take pictures) We had our morning coffees, took a deep breath and went for it. John was brilliant. Very gently, slowly letting Burt’s weight lead the way with slight steering control let us down on this extremely deep muddy, slippery nightmare. I did not take another breath till we were down and from on, it was a piece of cake.

Next Trujillo…