Belize campsites

Camp spots (by number) Belize 2013

Camp spots (by number)
Belize 2013

1. Sarteneja, North Belize, Near Corozal. N18.35484 W88.14788. FREE. No facilities. We parked up right on the beach in front of a family-run restaurant (we had a dinner there one night) It was breezy, the camping was free and had a chance to catch the fishermen in the early hours in the morning to buy fantastically fresh fish. (On the jungle side of town there’s a Backpackers’ cabanas place with facilities but they aren’t keen on having vehicles on their grass, besides it was extremely humid and too pricey) Sarteneja is an authentic fishing village with quite few things to see and do. There’s an (unexcavated) Mayan Plaza and Mayan caves in the jungle, a nature reserve, a Manatee sanctuary, you can rent horses and bikes. Stayed here 3 nights. November 2013 (rainy season, but these few days there was no rain) 

Camp spot directly on the beach,  Sarteneja November 2013

Camp spot directly on the beach,
November 2013


2. Belize Zoo, Tropical Education Center, Central Belize, Western Highway N 17.35752 W 88.54137. PRICE depends on who you’re talking to, we didn’t pay for camping but they asked us to visit the zoo ($30 BZ/ person) so we can contribute that way. Shower, toilet. Cafe on site. Lovely trails all around. It is about 2 miles to the zoo entrance – don’t miss it. Stayed here 1 night. November 2013 (rainy season, lots of rain but camping no problem)

Belize Zoo Education Centre November 2013

Belize Zoo Education Center
November 2013


3. Placencia peninsula. Steve and Rhoda’s
we stayed here by invite
A delightful US American couple who welcome overlanders on their land.
They are located in a tiny fishing village, although there is also a cabanas/Restaurant in the same village owned by also and American couple -good food, pool and wifi! They have a small parking lot for 2 RV -this might be an option for camping. The turn off from the road is here: N16.69116 W88.31452
Also a few km from Steve and Rhoda’s there’s a Banana plantation. Great fun for the kids! N16.68931 W88.32500

* no photos taken


4. Mayflower National Park, South of Dangriga, Southern Highway N16.92999 W88.38722. We paid $10 BZ/ night (+$10 BZ/ person entrance fee). Shower, toilet. There’s also a nice restaurant /bar for 5 mins walk in the park. Really lovely place with thick jungle with a few unexcavated Mayan pyramids also with a few waterfalls and their pools you can hike to and plunge in. Mayflower is next door to the Jaguar Centre that has the reputation travelers stay, but besides no one ever saw a jaguar, it can only offer the same activities as Mayflower, plus camping is $20 BZ/ person (+$10 BZ/person entrance fee) just to park in a car park. Stayed here 2 nights. November 2013 (rainy season, was raining at night. Grassy patch for camp became very slippery and uneven. Made our sand ladders a good use. Also lots of mozzies and various blood suckers)

Mayflower Park November 2013

Mayflower Park
November 2013


5. Clarissa Falls, Western Highway, few miles from the Guatemalan border, N17.11143 W89.12620. $15 BZ/ person +TAX.  Shower, toilet. Restaurant/ bar on site. Run by a nice family, there is a river (if it isn’t the rainy season, that is where you can park and camp) there are entertaining farm animals, puppies and kittens roaming around. A very sweet place. Stayed here 5 nights. November 2013 (rainy season, lots of rain day and night but camping no problem. Grassy patch we camped on was even and firm)

Clarissa Falls Resort Western highway November 2013

Clarissa Falls Resort
Western highway
November 2013


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