Honduras campsites


1. Rescue camp at Copán Ruins
N14.84007 W89.14741
120Lps/ night (but it started at 200Lps)
Water tap outside but we didn’t use it. Might be toilets at the little cafe on site but we didn’t use that ether.
Parking on the owner’s land on a flat grassy patch, pretty much in front of the Copán Ruins entrance. We only met his wife and made the deal with her. It isn’t a wonderful spot but was perfect for us as a last minute solution + we wanted to visit the ruin the next day and it was fine to leave the vehicle here for the day too. Considering that this place is by the road, the night could have not been quieter. Few minutes walk to Copán, the town where there are plenty of cafe’s and bars and shopping opportunities.
Stayed 1 night here in January 2014, warm days pleasantly chilly nights.

*no photo taken


2. Balnerio privada (private hot water pool place)
N14.98832 W89.13509
100Lps/ night
Toilet and a hot water pool (water coming straight from a natural hot water spring on the hill)
Asked permission from the owner and arranged price with him. Parked between the pool and the river. It is also a place where friendly workers from the coffee plantation keep their car and return to at the end of the day and take a dip in the pool. It was a lovely place indeed to stay.
This was another rescue camp. We aimed to get to a touristy hot water place, Luna Jaguar just a 100 meters above here but that was far too pricey (300Lps/ pers for ticket + 100Lps/pers for camp. It would have been 800Lps and they weren’t up for negotiation  or friendliness)
Stayed at the private place for 1 night in January 2014, Warm days, pleasantly chilly, bug-free evening. It was dry season so the road was passable but we recon, in the rainy season it is more challenging.



3. Camp at Comunidad Cacao
N14.95303 W88.65808
FREE, no facilities
Rescue camp at a community with very friendly people. We arrived late, just before sunset. The really pretty cross country road was very slippery (this area is a cloud forest area and the already steep rough road can be very slimy when moist) We found this friendly community and asked permission then parked up just at the entrance of the village. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming, a good example what travelling is about. Excellent rough roads across the middle of Honduras through the coffee plantation hills and mountains. Definitely need 4×4.
Stayed here 1 night in January 2014. pleasantly chilly days, pleasantly chilly, bug-free night.




SUGGESTION CAMPS (we spotted on our way or knew of these couple of places but didn’t stay here)

N14.92830 W88.41587
No price known
If you travel this road, we spotted this balnerios. It’s not a boon docking place but seems like a safe bet to stay. Didn’t stay here.

D&D Beer Brewery
N14.94656 W88.03802
60Lps/ person/ night
Toilet, hot showers, small swimming pool and WIFI.
There’s a small car park for camping but cool little place. We couldn’t fit so didn’t stay here. Beer is not good but can be fun to drink some cloudy, sweet brew especially if there’s company -as there can be other travellers gathering here too. Didn’t stay here.



4. Finca Las Glorias
N14.93866 W88.00612
200Lps/ night
Toilet, cold shower, electricity, WIFI only at the restaurant (200 meters from camp spot).
It is a super secured hotel complex, driving well in from the main road through coffee plantations. Could’ve been a good place but the reception was sloppy and unwelcoming. Parking is on a nice green area with citrus trees next to a ballroom but, though the price included electricity and water, we had to hunt around for the electricity socket and there was no water tap. When we were there we woke to a microphone-test at 6.30 in the morning then soon buses arrived with 150 people to kick off a party at 7.30AM!! We weren’t advised about this when we arrived.
We stayed here 1 night in January 2014. warm day, pleasantly chilly night with bugs.

*no photo taken

5. Boondocking in the pine forest
N15.26326 W86.96336
No facilities.
Probably one of our favourite boondocking camp. Off the wide, dirt road between Yoro and Olanchito. Wonderful fresh, clean and cool air with a beautiful view. Peaceful night. This is a logging area and this looked like an (unmaintained) logging road but we didn’t have a chance to ask anyone to camp here though the road looked unused and remote. Above all, due to the weather (rain and moist) this 600-700 meters to the camp spot was beyond our vehicle and weight but we pushed it through and just made it up and then back the next morning. Although in dry conditions the road looks passable with 4×4.
We spotted a couple of camp options (at around N15.41693 W86.92834) by the road towards Olanchito in the Parque Nacional Pico Bonito area. Very nice park, good for bird watching.
Stayed here 1 night in January 2014, cool day cool but not cold, bug-free night.



6. Casa Alemania, Trujillo
N15.92433 W85.94529
200 Lps/ night
Toilet, hot (power) shower, electricity, water, laundry, swimming pool. It advertised WIFI but it seldom works and even when it does, it is limited and painfully slow. Even though the price included, we had to especially asked for electricity and water which seemed as a bother to the owner. Restaurant/bar on site with German beer and food options. Lots of good facilities but we found it slightly pricey for us with a touch of unwelcome feel to it. Parking on a grassy area (but can be outside on the beach or between buildings on concrete) The German owner, Günter has a reputation of being grumpy. His angry mood was unpredictable and at times was quite unpleasant. We did have vehicle trouble and, for fairness Günter put us in touch with the perfect help, a trucking company, (see details under “Tech Support” menu) nearby and we were grateful for him for that.
We visited Casa Kiwi, which would’ve been another very good option for camp nearby (on a supposedly pristine beach) but it is CLOSED for 2 years. (through your Lonely Planet guide away)
We stayed 4-5 nights at Casa Alemania in Jan-Feb 2014. Hot days, bearable temp nights, quite a lot of biting bugs.

*no photo taken

8. Perfect Beach camp -boon docking, near Limón
N15.88216 W85.26467
FREE with no facilities. A couple of km’s long stretch of deserted sandy beach. Parking right on the beach. There are commuters from one village to another, they like to use the beach as their route, we asked permission from one of them. It was absolutely lovely. Very peaceful and quiet during the night, no one, only a horse sleeping in front of Burt, was on the beach with us.
Stayed for 1 night here in February 2014, hot day, balmy cool night and morning, no bugs.

117a Limon beach


9. Camp at the Park end of a village -Parque Nacional Sierra de Agalta
N15.05904 W85.90484
FREE with no facilities.
Parking at the very end of the village next to a private fenced-off building, with 24 hour-guard that seemed to us as a water pump station, therefore it was slightly noisy. Asked permission from the guard. Although this end of the village is where a couple of hike trails start up in to the National Park. As many of Central American national parks, this also is just a reserved government area and isn’t equipped for visitors (i.e. no park entrance as such, no roads, no facilities) But we had a chance to hike up to a hilltop from where we camped.
We stayed here 1 night in February 2014, reasonably hot day with rain showers, cool night, no bugs.

* no photo taken

10. Fernando’s family farm (Private), near the Nicaraguan border (Las Menos)
FREE (we gave a couple of Cokes to Fernando and his son, Christian) no facilities.
Asked permission from land owner, Fernando who let us in to his gated property. Parked right next to a little stream. Very peaceful night with the music of the local frog orchestra. Only 10-15 mins from the border.
Stayed here for 1 night in February 2014. Hot day, cool night, no bugs.

*no photo taken

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