Bolivia campsites

BORDER CROSSING: Paso Colchane, Chile – Pisiga, Bolivia
S19.26805° W68.60977°


1. Coipasa Salt Flat
S19.45895° W68.40930°
3704 m
Parking on the dirt grassy area off the salt. Need to drive on the salt for approx 15-20 km to get here.

227  Coipasa Salflat BOLIVIA


2. Camp by Tunupa Volcano
S19.76063° W67.65816°
3674 m
In between Salinas de Garci Mendoza and the Uyuni Salt flat. (you can get fuel in Salinas de Garci Mendoza here S19.64072° W67.67176°) Parked up next to the Tunupa Volcano overlooking the salt flat. Beautiful spot with vicuñas grazing around our truck.

228 Tunupa Volcano with Vicunas BOLIVIA


3. Tunupa Volcano near Jirira (ONE OF OUR FAVOURITES)
S19.85222° W67.58571°
3867 m
A great place to stay at the bottom of the volcano. Hike up to the view point!

* no photo taken


4. Salar de Uyuni 
S20.13040° W67.80713°
3662 m
Parked up near the island. Could’ve gone further for the spook-effect. Very windy but it quiets down overnight. A wonderful experience.

229 Uyuni Saltflat BOLIVIA


5. Uyuni Train Graveyard
S20.48206° W66.83813°
3665 m
A fun but spooky though quiet and peaceful place for the night. There are still a few trains running that you can hear during night.

230 Uyuni Train Graveyard BOLIVIA


6. Camp in Stone forest (ONE OF OUR FAVOURITES)
S21.39091° W67.71671°
4070 m
Wonderful place to stop overnight. Go for a walk in the piedras before dinner time.

231 Stone forest BOLIVIA


7. Before entrance Reserva Eduardo Avaroa
S22.11503° W67.83656°
Approx 4500m
FREE (entrance to the park BOL 150/ person)
A last minute stop before the day and before the entrance of the park. Wind quiets down overnight. Peaceful night.

*no photo taken


8. Laguna Verde, Reserva Eduardo Avaroa
S22.78622° W67.81987°
approx. 4500m
Parking up next to the view point. Very windy but beautiful view of the volcano and the Green Lake.

232 Laguna Verde Reserva Nacional E A BOLIVIA

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