Ecuador campsites



1. Camp at factory in Maraca (border town)
S4.37384° W79.94681°
Parked up next to a factory (?) There was no one to ask permission.

*no photo taken


2. Beach camp, Montanita
S1.82080° W80.75627°
No facilities. Parking on the sandy/grassy area at the North end of the beach, next to the large car park. (Overnight parking is fine in the car park too if you ask) The town and the South end of the beach get very busy over the weekends.



3. Hosteria Islamar, Salango (ONE OF OUR FAVOURITES)
S1.59979° W80.85325°
Toilet, out-door cold shower, restaurant, wifi.
Parking up right on the edge of cliff with gorgeous view next to the restaurant. The place is run by a very friendly Ecuadorian couple who are very helpful with everything. A nice 30 mins walk to Salango the small town, where you can take a cab for $1/pers cab to Puerto Lopez (for essentials and fresh fish and seafood in the mornings)
We stayed here for 1 week.



4. Camp at laguna Quilotoa (ONE OF OUR FAVOURITES)
S0.86497° W78.91718°
$2/ pers Entry to the lake
FREE Camping
Parking on a small grassy area where the trail around the lake starts. We asked permission from the man who lived in the nearby house. Stayed 2 nights. Very peaceful and a nice 3-4 hours walk around the lake.



5. Volcan Cotopaxi
S0.63107° W78.47316°
FREE entry and camping in the Park. You only need to stop and register at gate.
Lovely national park. There are 2 designated camping areas. This one is the further one from the South entrance and it was very peaceful and quiet overnight. Nice 1.5-2 h walk around the lake (Limpiopungo) Very cold overnight, the day can be sunny with wind-chill.



6. Parking Lot in Quito
S0.19702° W78.48800°
$10/ 24h
As far as car parks go, this was convenient. Parking in a secured 24h car park in New Town, next to McD with wifi. Walking distance to the main touristy area.

*no photo taken


7. Camp at Papallacta hot spring
S0.37433° W78.17073°
$4/ pers for entrance to the pools
Camping is FREE
Facilities in the pool area. Parked up on the grassy area by the car park. There are few pools and the water and is pleasantly hot.
We were here in October 2014. It was chilly, cold at night.

*no photo taken


8. Baňos, Ojos del Volcan 
S1.38342° W78.43656°
6 US$/day
Family owned restaurant with a patch of land for camping. Facilities and WIFI in the restaurant. Very friendly owner -likes chatting. Beautiful view at the volcano.

208 Banos ECU


9. Vilcabamba Hosteria Izhcaylum (ONE OF OUR FAVOURITES)
S4.27815° W79.22391°
8 US$/ day
Shower, toilet, swimming pool, restaurant, Bar, laundry, WIFI. FREE yoga everyday and so on.
Absolutely a wonderful place to stay and chill out for a few days or weeks. Very friendly and helpful staff. 20-30 minutes walk to town, lots of hiking opportunities.

209 Vilcabamba ECU

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