Brazil campsites

1. Boa Vista street camp -Rua Arnaldo Brandao                                                 N2.82755 W60.67933                                                                                                  FREE Parking on a quiet street next to an office building. A bar and fast food place are 5 mins walk with wifi and toilet.

*no photo taken

2. Boa Vista -Family restaurant by river                                                              N2.86866 W60.69602                                                                                                  FREE Toilet at restaurant. Parking on the sandy area by the river. Quiet night.

179 Boa Vista Family Rest.

3. Boondock camp off BR174 near Iracema                                                          N2.05276 W61.09184                                                                                                  FREE Parking behind a bush just off the road. Quiet night.

180 Boondocking

4. Camp at family Restaurant -after Indigenous reserve                              S1.28803 W60.40598                                                                                                  FREE (ate at the restaurant)                                                                                         Parking at a restaurant. Very nice family. Toilet/ shower can be used. This spot is after the indigenous reserve -from north. Cannot park, camp, even stop or take photos in the reserve (about 150 km stretch of road)

181 Family rest.

5. Manaus, Camp in front of 24h Police and Park (wifi)                                      S3.13810 W60.01614                                                                                                  FREE                                                                                                                             Asked at Police office, but there are lots of trucks parking at the side of the road. The park is nice and have free wifi – can be overcrowded in the evenings.

182 Manaus

6. Camped several places along the first 200km on BR319                              FREE                                                                                                                             We tried driving down on BR319. In 2014, against all “positive confirmations” the road was unsuitable for large vehicles. We returned to Manaus and shipped to Porto Velho.


7. 8 days on a barge from Manaus to Porto Velho                                  Company we shipped with at S3.13749 W59.94041                                                 You can negotiate on the price, and arrange with them that all passengers can be on the barge as well. (Many companies don’t allow passengers, only the driver with the vehicle)


8. Porto Velho, truck stop                                                                                        S8.80004 W63.83748                                                                                                  FREE                                                                                                                             We stopped for a quick fix. Lots of facilities (shower, toilets, restaurant, wifi, water, electricity) Busy stop but reasonably quiet over night. Good food at the self-service restaurant.

*no photo taken

9. Boondocking by BR364 from Porto Velho towards Peru/Bolivia borders S9.30978 W64.60675                                                                                                FREE Nice and very quiet stop by an unused dirt road.

184 boondocking

10. Wasteland BR317                                                                                              S10.10844 W67.67964                                                                                                FREE                                                                                                                             It was also an emergency stop due to a broken bracket. Perfect place to fix and stop for the night. There was no one to ask permission as we haven’t seen one person all evening or the next morning.

185 wasteland

11. petrol station, Assis Brazil                                                                              S10.93290 W69.56406                                                                                            FREE (we bought a few cans of soft drinks in the shop)                                           This is the border town to Peru. Surprisingly nice place to park up, just behind the petrol station on a grassy area by a little river. Quiet night and we had small monkeys visited us in the morning.

186 Brazil Peru border

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