7. Christening

Just a short side-story of christening our truck. Might be a bit tacky or silly but breathing and living our truck for long months we still kept referring to it, in a rather impersonal way as “the vehicle” or “the truck”. It was just dry and meaningless besides we wanted the truck to be part of our threesome so we thought it’s time to give it a name.

We had a few German female names -talking of a German built vehicle but the truck seems quite masculine to us so we dropped the female names, as they just didn’t suit it. The only name popped in my head was Burt Reynolds -inspired by a friend but that’s another story. So we picked “Burt” just to keep it sweet and short – “his” real pedigree name still be a mouthful but as a nickname this will do. We had our friend Rob over for a weekend and after a bottle of red he came up a few variations of the meaning of the name. We picked the three that rang true to us. In order:

1. Built Under Ridiculous Tension.  Well, can’t deny it. It was true. Luckily as time went by the tension went with it. So this one now is the past. But it made us laugh.

2. Built Using Real Talent.  This is a spot on description that will always be true.

3. Beautiful Unforgettable Road Trip.  Which of course is the whole point of the project and we felt binding our truck with the journey really is brilliant and describes it all. Besides it felt like a good Karma.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me introduce you to Burt Reynolds-Brooks-Doherty