18. Wyoming (part 3)

Tuesday morning we set off and made our way north to Sheridan  We spent 1 night here which was such a fresh breeze of air after Gillette. We felt more confident to continue our journey with the wheel -as long as we stick with reasonably smooth roads so moved on the next day straight after visiting the National Forest Ranger Office where we met a few super cheerful people who gave us their blessing to stay in the forest (Bighorn Nat. Forest) wherever we like. And so we did.

Another beautiful, snowy wonderland and finally we had a chance for a nice walk in the crispy-aired evening with an astonishing sunset. I have to admit, since we started to see signs about wolf and bear awareness (plus people warned us to carry bear spray or gun!) I begin to lose the confidence of “I’m a tourist, nothing bad can happen to me” so walks in beautiful woods and forests became slightly nerve wracking, at least to me -and John is milking it.

We learnt that Yellowstone National Park (YNP) is mainly closed for wheeled vehicles in the winter, apart from one road that is cleared and open on the north edge of the park, but getting into the hub of the park (which is the remaining 2.2 million acres) is only permitted for skidoos with guides. However we still thought we should go to the north entrance to a town called Mammoth then see what happens. So tomorrow is Yellowstone!


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