88. 10 things we couldn’t do without (at least not so easily)


1. Sand ladders and shovel
We had welded a grippie layer to the original ladders. The shovel is vital to get the ladders under the stuck tire. They’ve been our saviours in many occasions stuck in snow, sand or mud.




2. GPS (Garmin)
Every now and then we still have to cross-reference the GPS route calculations with various other maps as it has peculiar ideas to reach an A to B point but generally Garmin is the best what we are doing in this part of the World.


3. Smartphone apps
– Mapswithme (offline) Only need to download a country once online then we have a detailed map often even with the smallest, dirt-track type of road marked on it.
– Google Translate (offline) Again, only need to setup the required language once online then we can use it without internet, translating quite complex sentences. (Used it mainly in Brazil)
– browser and emails, Skype
– Pocket, Kindle
– flashlight
– XE currency converter (offline), Calculator
– Notepad
– Camera
– iTunes



4. Air inflator for tires
On rough roads, soft sand or mud letting the air out of the tires help a great deal and when back on tarmac conveniently we can inflate the 4 tires ourselves within 20 mins.


5. Washing machine
Don’t get me started…



6. Fans
We forever got the question in the US if we had A/C, but what we only have is two small, silent marine fans. Usually use it overnight (also creates white noise) They are enough to keep us cool when it is upto 29-30C in the night.



7. on-board drinking water
Sounds like quite an obvious one but sometimes not even expensive, custom made motor homes have one. This was one of John’s prime focus to build one in.



8. Fly screens
They are/weren’t not perfect but we adjusted them and it would be impossible to be without them. (could do without the black-out blinds but not the fly screens)



9. On-board toilet

*no photos taken


10. Solar system
We couldn’t do what we’re doing easily without it -especially that we want to stay as environmental focused as possible.


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