70. COSTA RICA – Caribbean beaches

Having the steering still hanging above our heads but not having a choice at this point we finally, on the 3rd time attempt were heading to the Caribbean coast.

There is a national park Cahuita National Park, a kilometres long beach hugged by thick tropical forest with exotic animals. There is a small relaxed town bearing with the same name, Cahuita where the park entrance is and last time we heard from Kerstin and Rainer they said they will be in this town at the Siatami Lodge. So we headed here, drove through the small town, asked a couple of friendly local and finally we found the Lodge with our German friends. The owner of the Lodge let us park up overnight outside the property which wasn’t only a dead-end, green and tree filled little driveway but happened to be right next to Kerstin and Rainer’s hut (with super fast wifi access)

Siatami Lodge, Cahuita March 2014

Siatami Lodge, Cahuita
March 2014


Our friends meant to leave the following morning and we were meant to move on to another part of this area so we had this short afternoon and evening to spend together. We visited the Park and had homemade, aka Betti-made pork chops and wine for dindins. It was like meeting long-seen friends, catching up on things and chatting about how and why the world’s spinning.


The following morning Johnny and I were packing up early to back out giving room for Rainer and Kerstin to move out with their rental only to find out (for everyone’s biggest joy) that they decided to stay one more day! That was good news. It didn’t take long for Johnny and I decide the same of course. So now we can relax again, have another coffee and chat for more hours. We popped down to the beach for boogie boarding and surfing, have another of that gorgeous ice-cream and for the afternoon the boys and Kerstin drove to the Panama border to check out the bridge meanwhile I caught up on emails back at home. Pizza and beer for dinner and more endless talks. Really enjoyed these few days and the days back in Caňa Castilla with Rainer and Kerstin, they are good spirit people and I hope to see them again, perhaps in Germany is not somewhere in South America on another holiday. In the morning of the following day we finally said our tearful goodbyes and left the opposite directions.

Johnny and I were heading to another part of this area where there is public beach suitable for camping for a night or two. First we drove through Puerto Viejo, another beach town a lot more vibrant and busy than Cahuita was until we found the spot some 8 km out of town in Punta Uva, with palm trees and plenty of place of parking.

Punta Uva, March 2014

Punta Uva,
March 2014

Met a few travellers, including an Argentinean family who are parked up here for a week and who invited us for their daughter’s 6th birthday bash last night. Shanti, the mum started organising everything months back, they visited a school the other day to invite children and after a few hours of preparation kids and their parents were turning up to buzz up the quiet beach. A super great kids party with lots of games and toys, and colourful drinks and endless cake. It was such a fun experience and, again meeting more inspiring people. Great stuff.

the big moment

the big moment

So here we are, having one more day on this beach and moving on tomorrow to cross the border to Panama our last country in Central America.

Next, Panama…

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