6. Making of Part 2 (June-November)

Vehicle parts, components needed to be arrived at our place in a certain order so that the workflow wasn’t held up. We were practically swimming in truck parts. Sometimes it looked like this at home.

Back Camera Back Camera

…and the kitchen


We were on the tightest schedule. Anyone who’s done something like this before and had an idea what we’re doing, said it can’t be done in 5-6 months. Even if we are working on it full time, have some professional help and if we are lucky we’ll be able to finish it in 12-18 months. Now, there was that word “can’t” so John just wasn’t having it. He had his unshakeable belief that we can.

I mentioned earlier the good fortune that we found an engineering workshop who was willing to do the truck exterior work for us. Well, sadly it didn’t work out as well as we hoped for and unfortunately it was too late when both sides (us and mr. engineer) realised the quality differences between what we wanted and what they could actually provide. Our intention has been to build a first class overland vehicle keeping: travel, self-sustainability, safety and living space in the main focus. His profile was more “UK off road-ing” where using high quality, light materials, top security, efficient sustainability weren’t priority. So there had to be a lot of re-do’s and it didn’t go down easily. Besides the fact that we were the paying customers and regardless of all our efforts of being very reasonable and polite we were still continuously facing – let’s put it this way, his lack of skills of customer service.

Even that this was an unfortunate match we didn’t intend giving up the efforts for making the best we wanted.